This blog documents Pierre's journey through his new sight handicap and his caregivers' efforts to help him.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pierre's list of Furry Friends

"To know my world, I have a list of my furry friends like me - stray, unwanted, forgotten, mistreated and unloved. My care-givers are trying their very best to stretch the value of money to care and feed my furry friends and I. So, if there is any kind-hearted ones, compassionate ones, please response to my call to lighten my care-givers' load as most of them are aunties, their earnings are not much. If anyone could response positively to my calling. I, Pierre the homeless cat, thank you for your gracious-kind act and support. meow... "

"This is Blackie,female feline. Shinny fur, sharp claws and enjoys seeing the terror on ladies' faces. Isn't she lovely?"

"Brina, a pretty mother. Gentle, cautious - stands away from strangers. Loves to play with her son, Brandon. Took good care of Elmond although not her kitten when Elmond was young few months ago. But now frequently bullied by Pumpkin and Elmond."

"Pumpkin, a male feline of action. A roll-up-your-sleeves kind of cat. A stand-up-and-fight-it sort of fellow. Enjoys chasing after Brina, loves to play with Elmond, always looking for trouble.
However, suffers from indigestion frequently. Always needed to see vet for medication to "pump" out his shits. Och! it's painful!!"

"Brandon, kind-hearted and a gentle boy. Dun eat as much as me, soft and lovely. Enjoys playing with Elmond, xiao hei and his mother, Brina. Welcomes new comers."

"Xiao hei, also called Ice-Cream. Careful, cautious yet playful male feline. Prefers to hang out alone, find time to play with Elmond and Brandon. Quiet persona. Not as handsome as me.. meow.."

"Elmond, playful male cat. Roams around the neighbourhood with Pumpkin, also hangs around with Xiao Hei and Brandon. Occasionally, chased after Brina in the name of FUN."

"Pick this saying from my care-givers, Sharing is caring! How true! There is friendship and sharing in our cats' kingdom. Watching them eat together, I'm green with envy! Oops, I forget I am a cat too. ^_^" 

"Friendship is hanging out together and spending time together."

"And this is me, sitting on the sofa, sharing my story with you and the story of my fur-ball friends like me.
See my eye? clouded, medication needed. Grumpy aged cat. Yet loved by care-givers unconditionally."  meow...signing-off.

Pierre's thoughts during meal time!

"As I was hungry, I walked slowly to my usual feeding area. Thinking what's on the menu today."

"Before my meal, I pray and give thanks. Meditate and feel the warmness from the sun ray, the lovliness in the air and the kindness in my atmostphere."

"Hey! you are watching!! Well, I need to have my meal in private, okay?"

"Okay, nevermind. You may visit me if you have the time. For I have all of my time for you."

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pierre's Thinking Day

"Meow... today is my thinking day, thinking of something..hmm...what am I supposed to think..ahh.. argh!forget again!! Okay, thinking bugs in again, I am thinking again...."

"I'm thinking, thinking, thinking....."


           This is my daily stretching exercising....

   That's it, a few strokes and I am done for the day.

Days of laying

This is my favourite picture, the hippo, I enjoyed looking at this pretty one...

Wondering, dreaming, guessing or rather doing nothing.

Get to my back and see how I look.

See my paws, aren't they beautiful?

My paws used to hurt after the accident and now is fine, thanks to those who cared for me, nursed and fed me. meow... ^_^