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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Vet Visit on 10 April 2010

Bui Bui has been to Dr Heng this afternoon. We were happy to hear that his left eye's water pressure is under control. Unfortunately, the eyesight from his right is not looking good. He could be blind in the right eye. Dr Heng has kept trying to test his response from his right eye, but sad to know that there is no response at all. Dr Heng has decided to give him a final chance before removing his right eye. Bui Bui has been given some eye drops for a month. His right eye will need to be removed if there is still no response at the next visit which is one month away.

Bui Bui waiting outside the clinic. Bui Bui was so comfortable in this new carrier that he did not make a single noise.

 We have also bought along one of the ginger cat, Pumpkin in the neighbourhood to visit the vet. Caretaker noticed Pumpkin loss of appetite for a week. In addition, he is not able to defecate for the whole of last week! He was dehydrated and weak. Vet mentioned that he will leave us if there is further delay to receive treatment.

It was a tiring day as the queue in the clinic was very long. Two cats need to see the vet at the same time. Thanks to all caretakers for thier time and patience.

Receipt for today's visit.

His right eye is not as cloudy as before. Unfortunately, he might not be able to see anymore.

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